Rachael Hardcastle

Educational Therapist 

Rachael is the founder and owner of Pathways to Learning. With experience spanning over twenty years in the field of learning difficulties both overseas, as the Head of Learning Support in International British School in Dubai and Portugal, and since 2016 here in New Zealand. Rachael has a passion and desire to help children succeed, socially, emotionally and academically. Through working closely with the child's family and school she is committed to discovering each individual child's needs and helping them to achieve to their full potential. 

Rachael is a professional member of LDANZ (Learning Difficulties Association of New Zealand) and a registered teacher with Dyslexia Plus NZ and SPELD NZ

Rachael's belief in a whole-child approach to success has led her to train in a variety of specialised programs to best support the children she works with;

  • Reading Simplified
  • Samonas Sound Therapy (Auditory Intervention Level 1,2,3,&4)
  • The Listening Program (Auditory Intervention)
  • Therapeutic Listening (Auditory Intervention - Quickshifts/Therapeutic Listening/Sharpening Focus/Listening & Beyond )
  • The Alert Program (Self-regulation Program)
  • The Astronaut Program (Vestibular Program)
  • Building Blocks (Primary movement Program)
  • Core Connections (Exploring the Core's Developmental Roots)
  • Auditory Defensiveness
  • Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment
  • The Traffic Jam in My Brain